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PS4 emulator APK Download Android Play Station 4 App

PS4 emulator APK Download Android Play Station 4 App

PS4 emulator for Android

PS4 emulator APK Download Android Play Station 4 App

PS4 emulator for Android is a software application that allows you to simulate the Play Station 4 gaming console on mobile devices.

It replicates the system’s architecture, enabling you to run PS4 games smoothly on your smartphone or tablet.

With advancements in technology, these emulators have become increasingly popular, providing gamers with a portable and convenient way to enjoy their favorite console games.

With this emulator, you can experience the thrill of playing your favorite PS4 commercial games right on your smartphone and tablet anytime and anywhere.

With a PS4 emulator on your Android device, you can carry your favorite PS4 games with you wherever you go, eliminating the need for a physical console.

Whether you’re on a long commute or traveling, you can dive into your gaming adventures at any time.

Emulators save you from investing in expensive gaming consoles, as they utilize the power of your Android device to provide an immersive gaming experience.

Instead of purchasing a dedicated PS4 console, you can make the most of your existing Android device.

The PS4 emulator for Android opens up a vast library of PlayStation 4 games, giving you access to a wide range of genres and titles to explore.

Whether you’re into action, adventure, sports, or RPGs, you’ll find plenty of games to suit your preferences.

Some emulators offer additional features like graphical enhancements, gamepad support, and cheat codes, allowing you to personalize your gaming experience.

You can optimize the graphics settings based on your device’s capabilities and even use external controllers for a more console-like gaming experience.

With a reliable PS4 emulator for Android and the right game files, you can transform your Android device into a portable PlayStation 4 console.

Enjoy the freedom to play your favorite PS4 games on the go, without the need for a physical console.

The PS4 emulator for Android opens up a whole new world of gaming possibilities, bringing the excitement of Play Station 4 games to your fingertips.

PS4 emulator APK Download Android Play Station 4 App

System requirements

In order to run the application correctly, it is necessary to meet the minimum requirements given in the table below:

OSAndroid 10.0 (or later)
CPUOcta core 2.0 GHz (or higher)
RAM8 GB (or more)
GPUAdreno 540 (or higher)
Storage128 MB (at least)

It is still possible to install the app on devices not mentioned above, but we cannot guarantee its proper functioning.

How to install

We recommend to backup the device on which the app will be installed before performing any installation of third-party apps not from the official app store.

To install the app, just follow these steps:

  • Download file on the link button
  • Open a file manager
  • Select the folder containing the downloaded file
  • Open the file .apk
  • Press install button
  • Download BIOS files (part 1 and 2) from this link: BIOS Package
  • Download DATA files (part 1 and 2) from this link: DATA Package
  • Create the following directory in your device: /android/data/com.cobesoft.build22/
PS4 emulator APK Download Android Play Station 4 App
  • Create a sub folder named BIOS
  • Copy the BIOS file (part 1 and 2) on the bios directory
  • Create a sub folder named DATA
  • Copy the Data .obb file (part 1 and 2) on the data directory
  • Launch the app
  • Select the Extract button to build all data
  • Restart the application to complete the installation

If you receive the error “x0er00cx: DATA or BIOS not found” try downloading the data or BIOS files another time; the files may be corrupted during download.

Applications need to access certain devices systems: as soon as an application is installed, you will be informed of all the permissions it requires.


The latest version of this app is available on the link button below:

Last update

There will be frequent updates which you can grab from the download section.

The last version implements the following new features:

  • Improved Compatibility: This update enhances the emulator’s compatibility with a broader range of Play Station 4 games, allowing you to enjoy a wider selection of titles on your Android device
  • Performance Optimization: We have implemented various performance optimizations to ensure smoother gameplay and improved overall emulation performance. Expect reduced lag and better frame rates for a more enjoyable gaming experience
  • Enhanced Graphics Rendering: The graphics rendering capabilities of the emulator have been enhanced, providing more visually stunning gameplay. Enjoy sharper textures, improved lighting effects, and better overall visual fidelity

This application is from a third-party developer, so an automatic update won’t be available.

You will need to manually update the app by installing the new version from the APK file; the previous app will be replaced automatically.

All the updates have the latest fixes and optimizations, but their constantly changing nature means that little testing has been done on them and unknown bugs may appear.

PS4 emulator APK Download Android Play Station 4 App


We are not affiliated with any software house company.

All patents and trademarks are owned by their respective holders.

  • Play Station is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Android is a trademark of Google LLC

All the apps and games are property and trademark of their respective developer or publisher and for home or personal use only.

All resources are obtained via reverse engineering of legally owned devices, games, and information present on the internet.


  1. Can I play multiplayer games using the PS4 emulator for Android? Yes, the PS4 emulator for Android supports multiplayer functionality. However, keep in mind that it depends on the specific game and its online capabilities. Make sure to have a stable internet connection to enjoy multiplayer gaming on your Android device.
  2. Can I use external controllers with the PS4 emulator for Android? Yes, many PS4 emulator apps for Android support external controllers. You can connect a compatible controller to your Android device via Bluetooth or USB and use it to play games just like you would on a physical PS4 console.
  3. Can I save my game progress in the PS4 emulator for Android? Yes, most PS4 emulators for Android provide options to save and load game progress. You can create multiple save states, allowing you to resume your game from where you left off at any time.
  4. Can I customize the controls in the PS4 emulator for Android? Yes, many PS4 emulator apps offer customization options for controls. You can map the on-screen buttons to your liking or even connect external controllers for a more authentic gaming experience.