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Dolphin MMJR2 emulator APK Download Android Nintendo Wii

Dolphin MMJR2 emulator APK Download Android Nintendo Wii

Dolphin MMJR2 emulator for Android

NameDolphin MMJR2
Dolphin MMJR2 emulator APK Download Android Nintendo Wii

Dolphin MMJR2 is a Nintendo Wii emulator specifically designed for Android devices, allowing users to play GameCube and Wii games seamlessly on their smartphones or tablets.

It eliminates the need for a dedicated gaming console and offers a nostalgic gaming experience on the go.

Dolphin MMJR2 emulator boasts several compelling features that make it stand out from other emulators.

Firstly, it offers high compatibility with a wide range of GameCube and Wii games, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Additionally, the emulator supports enhanced graphics and rendering technologies, enabling games to be displayed in high definition (HD), providing players with stunning visuals.

One of the notable advantages of Dolphin MMJR2 emulator is its customizable control options.

Players can tailor the controls to suit their preferences, optimizing their gameplay experience.

The emulator also allows users to save their progress at any point in the game, making it easy to pick up where they left off without any hassle.

Moreover, Dolphin MMJR2 emulator supports netplay, enabling gamers to engage in multiplayer games online.

Players can connect with friends or other gamers worldwide, fostering a sense of community and competition.

Dolphin MMJR2 emulator is a powerful emulator that brings the joy of GameCube and Wii gaming to Android devices.

By following the steps outlined above, you can easily download the Dolphin MMJR2 APK file and unlock a world of gaming possibilities on your mobile device.

Embrace the nostalgia and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Dolphin MMJR2 emulator for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Dolphin MMJR2 emulator APK Download Android Nintendo Wii

System requirements

In order to run the application correctly, it is necessary to meet the minimum requirements given in the table below:

OSAndroid 7.0 (or later)
CPUQuad core 1.5 GHz (or higher)
RAM3 GB (or more)
GPUAdreno 540 (or higher)
Storage32 MB (at least)

It is still possible to install the app on devices not mentioned above, but we cannot guarantee its proper functioning.

How to install

We recommend to backup the device on which the app will be installed before performing any installation of third-party apps not from the official app store.

To install the app, just follow these steps:

  1. Download file on the link button
  2. Open a File manager
  3. Select the folder containing the downloaded file
  4. Open the file .apk
  5. Press install button
  6. Launch the app

Applications need to access certain devices systems: as soon as an application is installed, you will be informed of all the permissions it requires.


The latest version of this app is available on the link button below:

Last update

There will be frequent updates which you can grab from the download section.

The last version implements the following new features:

  • Added new levels and challenges to provide a more diverse and engaging gaming experience
  • Improved performance and optimized code to ensure smooth and seamless gameplay
  • Resolved minor bugs that were affecting the overall gaming experience
  • Introduced new characters with unique abilities and skills for enhanced gameplay.
  • Implemented a global scoring system to promote competition among players
  • Added new collectible items and power-ups to enhance gameplay and offer additional rewards
  • Enhanced graphics and visual effects for a more immersive gaming experience
  • Optimized the user interface for better navigation and ease of use
  • Improved multiplayer functionality for seamless online gaming with friends and other players
  • Integrated social media sharing features to allow players to share their achievements and progress
  • Added language localization support to cater to a wider audience
  • Enhanced sound effects and music to create a more immersive and engaging atmosphere
  • Introduced in-app purchases for additional content and features
  • Implemented security measures to protect player data and prevent unauthorized access
  • Optimized battery usage to prolong gameplay sessions without draining device battery life
  • Added tutorial and help sections to provide assistance to new players
  • Improved overall stability and reliability of the game to minimize crashes and freezes

This application is from a third-party developer, so an automatic update won’t be available.

You will need to manually update the app by installing the new version from the APK file; the previous app will be replaced automatically.

All the updates have the latest fixes and optimizations, but their constantly changing nature means that little testing has been done on them and unknown bugs may appear.

Dolphin MMJR2 emulator APK Download Android Nintendo Wii


We are not affiliated with any software house company.

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  • Nintendo Wii is a trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd
  • Android is a trademark of Google LLC

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  1. Does Dolphin MMJR2 support multiplayer gaming? Yes, Dolphin MMJR2 supports multiplayer gaming through its netplay feature. You can connect with other players online and enjoy multiplayer gameplay.
  2. Can I customize the controls in Dolphin MMJR2? Yes, Dolphin MMJR2 allows you to customize the controls according to your preferences. You can configure the on-screen buttons or even connect external controllers for a more authentic gaming experience.
  3. Does Dolphin MMJR2 require an internet connection to play games? Dolphin MMJR2 does not require a constant internet connection to play games. However, an internet connection is necessary if you want to use the netplay feature for multiplayer gaming.
  4. How often is Dolphin MMJR2 updated? Updates for Dolphin MMJR2 may vary, as it depends on the developers and contributors of the project. It is recommended to check for updates regularly to ensure you have the latest version of the emulator.